Effects Of Eating Candy and Sweets Before Bed At Night

What Effect Does Eating Candy And Sweets Before Bed Have On Sleep And Nightmares? Can Eating Candy Before Bed And At Night Harm Our Teeth?

Eating Candy Before Bed

Sweets, candies, and tea or coffee are common foods that most people eat together at the end of the day and before bed. These people believe that eating sweets can bring them better quality sleep. If this is not true, on the contrary, eating sweets before sleeping can have adverse effects on people’s health.

Eating Candy Before Bed

Consuming any food will not be harmful if it is kept in moderation. Of course, if a person is prohibited from consuming a particular food by the doctor, this advice should be taken seriously. Otherwise, moderate candy consumption cannot cause acute problems for a person. But consuming too much candy can cause specific digestive issues such as stomach ache, heartburn, and even cardiovascular problems.

Also, consuming candy is very harmful to kidney patients. Because candy has a high potassium level, eating it increases the potassium level in the blood and makes kidney problems more severe.

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Also, eating candy at night can cause weight gain and obesity. Because candy has many calories, it is not appropriate to consume it at night. Eating candy will also increase blood sugar and cause cardiovascular problems in people.

In any case, its recommended to use meditation, relaxing teas, and exercise to have a more peaceful and comfortable sleep. In general, replacing candy with healthy and low-calorie foods can be more beneficial for a person.

Eating Candy Before Bed Teeth

Eating sweets and candies alone will not cause tooth decay. If you brush your teeth well after consuming sweets, there will be no problems with your teeth. But if you don’t brush your teeth after eating candy, this brushing lasts a long time. A layer of plaque will form on the tooth. This soft and yellow layer causes many problems for a person’s health in addition to destroying the teeth.

Therefore, avoiding such problems by brushing your teeth after consuming sweets and paying particular attention to the health of your mouth and teeth is recommended. It is also better to avoid eating sweet foods before going to bed. It is better to visit the dentist regularly and periodically for a complete teeth checkup.

Eating Candy Before Bed Nightmares

Seeing nightmares in a dream is related to many factors, such as stress and anxiety, mental pressure, taking some special drugs, etc. Also, some people believe that overeating and consuming heavy food at night can cause nightmares. Because heavy foods cause the digestive system to work hard, and the body cannot rest easily.

Based on this, consuming candy can also cause nightmares at night. Of course, complete research has yet to be done in this field, and it is still impossible to say with certainty whether there is a connection between seeing nightmares at night and eating candy or other types of sweets before going to sleep.

Eating Sweets At Night

Effects Of Eating Sweets At Night

Eating sweets and candies before going to sleep will harm the quality of a person’s sleep because sweets are heavy foods that take time to digest and absorb in the body and involve the digestive system a lot. Therefore, eating sweets before sleep disturbs the person’s peace during the night and causes insomnia.

In addition, reducing sleep quality at night can cause anorexia during the day. Therefore, consuming sweets and candies in the early hours of the day is recommended. At the end of the day, take advantage of light and low-calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables or low-calorie and light foods. In this case, your digestive system will have a weaker activity at the end of the day so you will experience a deeper sleep.

Is It Bad To Eat Sweets At Night?

Although different people’s bodies react differently to other foods, consuming sweets before going to bed will not positively affect a person’s health. Of course, the amount of harm caused by eating sweets before sleep differs for different people.

But in general, sweets have simple sugars and carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed in the body and cause an increase in blood sugar levels. A sudden rise in blood sugar in the body, especially before sleep, will cause some problems for the person in the long run.

In addition, by consuming sweets, the digestive system will spend a long time digesting them. Therefore, a person cannot sleep peacefully because person will suffer from heartache and a heavy feeling in the stomach due to eating heavy food before going to sleep.

Does Eating Sweets At Night Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?

Yes, as it was said before, eating sweets before going to sleep will harm the quality of sleep and the person’s health. Although some people think that eating sweets before going to sleep causes them to be more energetic and hyperactive, the results of studies have not clearly shown this issue.

But in general, eating sweets causes a person to receive a lot of calories due to increased blood sugar. But because there is little activity, most of these calories are stored as fat and cause weight gain. In addition, the increase in blood sugar will cause you to have light and short sleep.


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