Disadvantages Of Eating Greasy And Fat Food Before Bed

What effects does eating greasy food before bed and fatty foods have on our sleep at night? What disadvantages will it have for us?

Eating Greasy And Fat Food Before Bed

Are you a regular customer of fatty food? Do you use fatty foods for dinner most of the time? Does daily fatigue bother you? Studies by Australian researchers show that high-fat foods change the rhythm of the body’s internal clock and thus cause sleepiness during the day.

In the continuation of this article from EatingBeforeBed, stay with us to check all the side effects of eating fatty and greasy foods before bed.

Eating Greasy Food Before Bed

Sleepiness and fatty food consumption have a two-way relationship; This means that consumption of fatty foods causes sleep disturbance and sleepiness during the day, and drowsiness increases the tendency to consume fatty and high-carbohydrate foods. One of the most important causes of sleep disturbance is obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a temporary cessation of breathing during sleep, which is usually associated with breathing disorders and irregular heartbeat. This respiratory disorder is caused by the obstruction of the oral respiratory tract by the tongue and usually lasts for a few seconds.

This disorder is more common after the age of 50 and is dangerous when it lasts for more than 10 seconds. Studies show that sleep apnea is three times more likely to occur in people who eat a high-fat diet than people who use unsaturated fats such as fish oil.

Inadequate sleep and feeling sleepy during the day mean less energy. But on the other hand, these conditions increase the appetite of people to eat high-fat and high-carbohydrate foods, which is also related to the consequences of bad and inappropriate sleep. Hence, the pattern of poor diet and insufficient sleep can become a cycle.

Usually, people who eat a high-fat diet feel sleepy throughout the day. The level of alertness and concentration of these people is very low and they do not have the necessary energy to do daily tasks.

Researchers consider the consumption of fatty foods such as pizza to be very harmful, especially at dinner. In addition to increasing sleep disorders, a high-fat diet is directly related to the increased likelihood of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.

Fat Food Before Bed

Eating Fatty Foods Before Bed

Do you know which types of fats are the most harmful? Sometimes hydrogenated vegetable oils are used in the sauces that are used to prepare a variety of sandwiches, pizzas, and even Turkish kebabs, which in the food industry creates a new structure of fatty acids called “trans isomers” during their production. which is very dangerous.

If you look at the oil cans, the percentage of this isomer is listed on each can. This “trans fat” is very harmful to the body and causes an increase in bad fats in the blood, deposition of fat in the arteries, and ultimately heart disease. Even if you prepare meat in the best and healthiest way (boiling) but pour a sauce on it that uses hydrogenated vegetable fat, you will not eat healthy food at all.

Some other side effects of eating greasy food before bed are putting pressure on your digestive system. Your digestive system has to work several times harder to digest fatty foods and secrete more acid to digest fats. Increasing the pressure of the digestive system can cause nausea and bloating in you.

Fatty food at night and difficulty in digesting it can cause diarrhea and stomach pain. It may also destroy your gut bacteria and cause acne and heart disease.

Greasy Food Before Bed

Eating Fat Before Bed

Eating fatty and greasy foods can make you feel tired during the day and disturb your sleep at night. Eating fatty food, especially before going to bed, causes problems for your digestive system. Because it is more difficult for the body to digest fatty foods, and doing the digestion process while you are sleeping can cause you to wake up or have nightmares.

Our suggestion is to avoid eating greasy and fatty foods at least 4-5 hours before going to sleep to prevent stomach problems and sleep disturbances.


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