How Many Apple Seeds Will Kill A Human

Are Apple Seeds Poisonous And Contain Cyanide? How Many Apples And How Many Apple Seeds Can Cause Severe Poisoning And Kill A Human?

How Many Apple Seeds Will Kill A Human

Apple is one of the most consumed and, of course, the most popular fruits worldwide. This fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. For this reason, this fruit has become a symbol of health.

Eating this fruit in different forms is common, such as juice, compote, jam, cooked, dried and raw. There are various varieties and types of apples in the world. Many varieties of this fruit are cultivated and harvested in different countries.

Apple is a fleshy fruit in the center of which are apple seeds. It is interesting to know that some people believe that apple seeds are poisonous and deadly despite the countless benefits of apples. But is this belief true?

Apple seeds contain a substance called amygdalin. When the apple seed is chewed or crushed, this substance turns into hydrogen cyanide or cyanide poison. Of course, consuming this substance in small amounts will not be dangerous. But if a large amount of this substance is consumed, it is very toxic and deadly. Amygdalin is found in fruits such as apricots, cherries, peaches and even almonds. Cyanide poison causes disruption in the oxygenation of cells. In high doses, it will quickly cause the death of a person. Stay with us at EatingBeforeBed until the end of this article to learn about the important benefits and side effects of apple seeds.

How Many Apple Seeds Will Kill A Human

Apple seeds produce cyanide poison only if crushed or chewed. Therefore, if swallowed whole, it will not cause any problems. On the other hand, hydrogen cyanide or cyanide produced in apple seeds is very low. Therefore, there is no possibility of danger from consuming one or two apple seeds. Of course, consuming a small amount of apple seeds will cause mild poisoning, accompanied by anxiety, headache, dizziness and confusion. But the severe poisoning caused by the consumption of apple seeds, which will occur with the consumption of a large amount of this seed, will cause a decrease in consciousness, an increase in blood pressure, paralysis and even coma.

Apple Seeds

If you want to know how many apples with their seeds will cause poisoning, consuming 18 to 20 apples can cause severe poisoning. But a human can definitely not consume this number of apples and seeds in one meal. On the other hand, eating apple seeds alone is impossible. Therefore, eating a small amount of apple seeds is not a concern due to the low dose of cyanide. Of course, this number is different for different people. You need to know that the lower a person’s weight is, the greater the effect of the poison on the person’s body.

Are Apple Seeds Poisonous To Humans

Since apple seed contains some hydrogen cyanide, it may be dangerous for a person. But the amount of apple seeds used and how to use them is also essential. Eating a few apple seeds should not be a concern. Because consuming about 50 to 300 mg of hydrogen cyanide causes poisoning. Each apple seed contains about 0.6 mg of hydrogen cyanide. Of course, the amount of hydrogen cyanide in apple seeds depends on the type of apple and its cultivation and storage conditions, so this substance is more in some varieties of apples and less in others.

Therefore, you will likely get poisoned only when you eat about a glass of apple seeds. Of course, these seeds must be completely chewed and crushed because the covering of apple seeds will prevent the release of hydrogen cyanide.

So you don’t have to worry about your health after eating a few apples. In addition, eating apple seeds in limited quantities is not only not alarming, but its anti-cancer properties have also been proven.

Apple Seeds Contain Cyanide

Do Apple Seeds Contain Cyanide

As we said earlier, Yes! apple seeds contain a very small amount of cyanide. This amount of cyanide is not so much that you must worry about your health if you eat it. Because in addition to the fact that the amount of cyanide in apple seeds is low, the coating on the seed does not allow digestion and absorption of the core of the apple seed. Therefore, this seed is removed from the body without digestion and without causing any special problems. But consuming apple seeds in large quantities can be dangerous to one’s health, especially if you have chewed these seeds!

Of course, the presence of cyanide in apple seeds does not mean that you should completely abandon this nutritious fruit. Rather, avoid eating apple seeds. Interestingly, cherry seeds contain more cyanide than apple seeds. For this reason, it is not customary to eat the core of this fruit.


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