Brittle And Vertical Ridges On Nails Vitamin Deficiency

How To Get Rid Of Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency In Nails Such As Vertical Ridges On Nails And Their Brittleness? What Are The Causes And Signs Of This Problem? Stay with us from Eating Before Bed until the end of this article to check the effects of vitamin deficiency on Vertical ridges on nails.

Vertical Ridges On Nails Vitamin Deficiency

All body parts, including nails, need care to maintain their health. Taking some vitamins in the required amount can help the health and strength of nails.

The most important vitamin that directly affects the health of nails is vitamin H (biotin). Biotin helps the health of the skin, hair, and nails and strengthens the nails of the hands and feet. The next important vitamin is vitamin A, which acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the structure of your nails.

Other useful vitamins for nails are vitamins E, C, and folic acid. In general, to maintain the health of your nails, it is better to get the required amount of vitamins.

Vitamins For Nails Strength

Vitamins are the most important substances needed for the strength of nails. If your nails are constantly breaking, it is better to check your vitamin levels as soon as possible. If the weakening of your nails is due to a lack of vitamins, taking the following vitamins can help your nails recover.

Biotin: This vitamin prevents nails from breaking and increases nail strength. Biotin is found in eggs and fish.

Vitamin C: This vitamin generally strengthens the body and increases the strength of nails and is found in many fruits, including kiwi and oranges.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E, which is known as a strong antioxidant, gives health to your nails. This vitamin is found in almonds, olives, dates, and some vegetables.

Vertical Ridges On Nails Vitamin Deficiency

Nails, like other parts of the body, may suffer from problems such as vertical bumps due to vitamin deficiency. Vertical ridges are the same lines and marks that appear on the nails at once.

These ridges can indicate that the nails cannot grow enough. The most important reason that can prevent the growth of nails is vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency is due to a lack of proper and healthy nutrition.

If your diet does not contain enough foods containing vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, folic acid and iron, the probability of vertical ridges on the nails will increase.

If you suffer from vitamin deficiency and nail problems, it is better to strengthen your nails by consuming vitamin-rich and healthy foods. In the following, we will introduce you to some foods that strengthen nails.

  • Eggs: contain protein, iron, and vitamin A
  • Almonds: Contains protein, vitamin E, and iron
  • Dark-colored vegetables: contain vitamin A and iron
  • Fish: contains vitamin B12 and iron
  • Meat: contains protein and vitamin B12
  • Fruits and vegetables: contain vitamin C and folic acid

Finally, if the appearance of vertical ridges on your nails is severe, it is better to consult your doctor. Your doctor can suggest a specific treatment that will help your nails grow strong and healthy.

Vitamins For Nails Strength

Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency In Nails

The most important symptoms of vitamin deficiency on nails, which cause white bumps and brittle nails, include the following:

  1. Darkness and blackness of nails
  2. Cracked nails
  3. Nails become soft and weak and bend easily
  4. Vertical lines and ridges on the nails
  5. Yellowing of nails
  6. Inflammation of the skin around the nail

Brittle Nails Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin deficiency in the body can cause brittle nails. Because nails are composed of protein and keratin, vitamins play an important role in their health. A sufficient amount of vitamins in the body directly contributes to the health and strength of nails.

If you suffer from vitamin deficiency, your nails will become brittle and weak. Therefore, the consumption of various vitamins is very important and necessary for the health of nails. If you have nail problems, it is better to see a doctor to examine the problem more carefully.

Iron Deficiency Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency In Nails

Iron deficiency, like vitamin deficiency, can make your nails soft and brittle. Factors such as lack of minerals and malnutrition, hormonal disorders, and other diseases can cause iron deficiency in you. If your nail problems are due to iron deficiency, you can take steps to solve this problem with the following methods.

  • Consuming foods with high iron content such as red meat, chicken, fish, legumes, nuts, and vegetables
  • Taking iron supplements with the doctor’s advice
  • Check for diseases that cause iron deficiency, such as anemia
  • Using cosmetic products and shampoos containing iron to treat brittle and weak nails

What Causes Ridges In Fingernails And Splitting

How To Get Rid Of Ridges On Nails

If you are tired of the ridges on your nails and want to get rid of them as soon as possible, you can implement the following solutions:

Using the right tools to clean nails: Use special nail tools to shave and remove excess layers and nail ridges.

Use of nail oil: Nail oil helps to make your nails soft and strong. Massage the oil on the nails and then wear gloves and leave it on the nails overnight. In the morning, remove the gloves and massage your nails again.

Healthy nutrition: Eating foods containing iron, protein, and vitamins D and E can help the health of nails and reduce nail ridges.

What Causes Ridges In Fingernails And Splitting

The bumps on the nails and their splitting can be caused by several factors. These factors include:

  • Injury and damage: Hitting the nails and even chewing them can cause damage to the nails and cause bumps on them.
  •  Dryness: Dry nails can cause them to crack and split.
  •  Dirt: Dirty nails cause germs to settle under the nails, which causes infection and nail fungus.
  •  Chemical: Improper use of chemicals such as nail polish removers, vinegar, and some chemical solutions can cause nails to bulge and split.
  •  Skin diseases: Some skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema can cause nail problems.

Finally, if you think that your nail problems are very severe or have nothing to do with vitamin deficiency, it is recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible for treatment.


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