Effects Of Eating Watermelon Before Going To Bed

What Are The Benefits And Side Effects Of Eating Watermelon Or Its Juice Before Going To Bed At Night? Is It Bad To Eat Watermelon At Night?

Eating Watermelon Before Bed

Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits in hot weather. This fruit is rich in lycopene, and because of its high water content and low calories, it is recommended for people looking to lose weight.

Experts always emphasize consuming enough water in summer. Fortunately, watermelon can compensate for dehydration during hot summer days due to its high water content. Also, due to its micronutrients, watermelon is a suitable option for consumption as a snack.

In fact, 94% of watermelon is water, and this fruit is rich in potassium, lycopene and other nutrients. Also, because watermelon has a good level of fiber, it helps people’s digestive system health. Some people in Asian countries like Iran habitually eat light meals such as bread, watermelon and cheese for dinner. Although watermelon is a delicious and nutritious fruit, it is recommended not to consume it at night and before bed.

Eating Watermelon Before Going To Bed

An Indian expert says: I do not recommend eating Watermelon after 19:00. Watermelon is slightly acidic, and if consumed at night, it can cause a disturbance in the digestive system and slow down the digestion process when a person does not have enough movement. The best time to eat Watermelon is between 12:00 and 13:00 and when the digestive system is most active.

Eating Watermelon Before Bed

Watermelon is one of the popular summer fruits. Most families get together and eat watermelon on summer nights after dinner. But the question is, is it a good habit to eat watermelon before bed? Isn’t consuming this fruit before going to sleep harmful to the body?

In answer to this question, eating watermelon right before going to bed is not without problems. Because watermelon is full of natural sugar, taking it before bed may increase the blood sugar level. In addition, excessive consumption of this fruit stimulates the urinary tract and causes frequent urination during the night. This can cause you to wake up during night sleep.

Of course, this does not mean that watermelon is a harmful fruit. Rather, watermelon is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which are very useful for the health of the skin and eyes. This fruit is a rich source of potassium. Therefore, it is effective in reducing blood sugar. Plenty of water in this summer fruit prevents thirst and dryness of the mouth and throat.

But eating it before going to sleep is not good for the body. If you plan to eat watermelon at night, be sure to eat this fruit two hours before going to bed. Of course, avoiding excessive consumption of this fruit before going to sleep is suggested, and if you are thirsty, use other drinks such as water and green tea.

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Eat Watermelon At Night

Is It Bad To Eat Watermelon At Night

The best time at night to eat watermelon is about two hours before bed. Of course, moderation should be observed at this time as well. At this time, the body has time to digest the stomach contents. Of course, in general, it is better not to consume watermelon before going to bed. Because watermelon increases blood sugar levels and is very diuretic, this will cause you to wake up frequently during night sleep. If you feel thirsty, replacing watermelon with other hot and cold drinks is suggested.

The main reasons from the point of view of Indian scientists that people should not eat watermelon at night include the following:

  • 1- Consuming watermelon at night causes digestive problems and, on top of that, “irritable bowel syndrome”. This can cause stomach upset the next day. Because the digestion process slows down at night, experts generally recommend avoiding eating sweet and acidic foods at night.
  • 2- Because watermelon has a significant amount of natural sugar, consuming it at night can cause obesity in some people.
  • 3- Watermelon has a high volume of water. This means that eating watermelon before bed will force a person to visit the toilet frequently at night. This issue reduces the quality of one’s sleep and makes one feel tired the next day. Consumption of watermelon at night will lead to bedwetting in children who do not feel like going to the toilet due to fatigue.
  • 4- Eating watermelon at night can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea or constipation in a person.

In the end, it is essential to mention that consuming watermelon has countless properties for the body. Hence, it would help if you did not stop consuming it in moderation. Including watermelon in your diet from morning to afternoon before 19:00 is better.

Effects Of Eating Watermelon

Hot summer weather increases thirst and decreases body fluid volume. Most summer fruits are very juicy and delicious. Therefore, these fruits are suitable for quenching thirst and meeting the body’s water needs. Watermelon is at the top of the list of juicy summer fruits. It should be noted that although this fruit is beneficial for health and provides bodily fluids, you must observe moderation in its consumption.

Watermelon is a sweet fruit that increases blood sugar during the night, and stimulating the urinary tract will increase the volume of urine during the night. Therefore, you may wake up several times at night to go to the bathroom. An increase in blood sugar after eating watermelon can also harm people with diabetes or other diseases related to blood sugar.

Watermelon Before Bed

Benefits Of Watermelon Before Bed

Watermelon is a good source for meeting the water needs of the body. This fruit is rich in water, electrolytes and vitamin C. The sugar in this fruit can also provide the energy the body needs.

Eating watermelon at night has reduced the possibility of previous vascular diseases and increased blood pressure. In addition, this fruit maintains the health of the skin and hair and relieves many inflammations. This fruit plays an effective role in the health of bones, the immune system, skin and hair, the brain and nerves.

In general, eating watermelon before going to bed is not harmful if consumed in moderation. Still, it can be beneficial for the body.

Disadvantages Of Watermelon Before Bed

Watermelon is one of the summer fruits that is very useful for people. Of course, this fruit may be dangerous for people with diabetes. In addition, this fruit is rich in fiber and can keep a person full for a long time.

Eating watermelon before going to bed causes a sudden increase in blood sugar. Therefore, excessive consumption of watermelon is very harmful for diabetics. In addition, some people suffer from indigestion such as stomach gas and heartache after eating watermelon. Taking it at night causes you to wake up during the night to go to the bathroom. Of course, some people get diarrhea and heartache after eating this fruit.


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